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Debris Removal Update – 10/18/17

Hurricane debris removal continues in the City .  Crews are mostly working in the southwest area of the City on Wednesday, October 18th. This is the second and final pass through the City. Crews will remove all remaining hurricane debris on this pass.

Please do not place piles on the street pavement and do not pile debris high at intersections where the visibility of drivers can be obstructed.   

Please put leaves in plastic bags for normal trash collection.  There will be temporary road closures as crews load debris into the trucks. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Waste Management has resumed normal bulk pickup.  The normal collection schedule will be followed.   

    • Please do not mix plastic bags in the piles of vegetative materials.  The debris contractors are picking up piles of vegetative storm debris only on the first pass through the City. If there are black bags in the piles of vegetative debris, they will not be picked up on the first pass. The collection of construction and demolition storm debris will be picked up on the second pass. 
    • Any plastic bags containing leaves and small twigs can be placed next to your garbage container and will be picked up by Waste Management on your regular garbage collection day. Please to not put an excessive amount of plastic bags out at this time.     
    • Normal household trash and recycling will be collected on your regularly scheduled days.
    • Do not place storm debris in the street and place vegetation and other types of storm debris in separate piles.
    • Do not place piles on storm drains or any other above ground utilities, such as backflow pipes and telephone service risers or boxes.
    • City parks are open, except for DeGroff Park.

Operation Blue Roof Has Arrived in Broward County

An application center has been set up in Fort Lauderdale for Broward County residents and businesses to apply for free blue tarps to protect exposed areas of homes and buildings from the elements following Hurricane Irma. It is located at a Walmart Supercenter, 2500 W. Broward Blvd, and is open from 8AM to 6PM. The tarps are part of a federal initiative, Operation Blue Roof, that is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Operation Blue Roof provides a temporary covering of blue plastic sheeting to help reduce further damage to property until permanent repairs can be made. The blue plastic sheeting is installed using strips of wood that are secured to the roof with nails or screws.

Homeowners must sign a Right of Entry (ROE) form to allow federal government employees and contractors onto their property to assess damage and install the temporary covering.

Only primary residences with standard shingled roofs are eligible. Metal roofs and mobile homes may be repaired on a case by case basis. Roofs with greater than 50 percent structural damage are not eligible for this program.

For rental properties, legal permission for a blue roof to be installed must be obtained from the property owner. Renters must also obtain legal permission from their landlord to continue occupying the residence until more permanent repairs are made.

Update to Pompano Beach Water – Free Chlorination Water Line Maintenance Extension

The City of Pompano Beach Utilities Department began a free chlorination treatment of its entire distribution system on Monday, August 28th. Due to Hurricane Irma, Pompano Beach has made the decision to extend free chlorination, therefore this treatment will be in effect until October 16th.

During the free chlorination process residents may experience a slight change in both the taste and smell of the water. Water will remain safe to drink, to use for cooking, to bathe in, and for other everyday uses.

For more information view the full updated notice here

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