City Clerk – FAQ

Who are the City’s Elected Officials and how can I contact them?

Please see our Phone Directory webpage for telephone numbers. Also, elected officials may be contacted via email by typing in the first initial of their first name followed by their last name, i.e. the email address for Jane Doe would be

When are City Commission meetings held? Can anyone attend?

The City Commission holds their regular meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month (with some exceptions).

Regular meetings usually begin at 6:30 p.m., and are held in the City Hall Complex/Fletcher Hall, 2200 NE 38 Street, Lighthouse Point, Florida 33064. All regular meetings are open to the public.

On some occasions, the City Commission may hold a Special Meeting or a Workshop. They are scheduled on an as-needed basis. These meetings are also open to the public.

The City Commission may occasionally hold an Attorney-Client Session or Executive Session also on an as-needed basis. The very beginning and the very end of the Sessions are usually open to the public; however, the majority of the meeting involves litigation issues and is closed to the public, per Florida Statutes.

Can I address the City Commission at any of these meetings?

At all Regular Meetings, there is a time for “Public Comment and Requests Regarding Agenda Items” at the beginning of the meeting. There is another opportunity at the end of the meeting, called “Public Requests from the Floor,” where the public may address the Commission on any personal concerns. Usually, a time limit of three (3) minutes is adhered to for each individual.

What is the best way to get in touch with the Commission?

1. The public is welcome to address the Commission during “Public Requests from the Floor” at all Regular Meetings.
2. You may correspond with each member of the Commission.
3. You may contact them by telephone, email, or fax.

How do I find out what is scheduled to be discussed at a Commission meeting?

City Commission agendas are usually available four (4) days prior to a meeting, and are posted on the Notice Board outside of City Hall, are available at City Hall in the City Clerk’s office, and are posted to the City’s website

Where do I vote or register to vote?

Please contact the Supervisor of Elections office at 954-357-7050 for an updated list of precinct information, or any other information pertaining to an Election.

For additional information, please contact the City Clerk’s Office 954-943-6500.

How and where do I apply for an occupational license?

Please see our Local Business Tax page.

How do I purchase a map of the City?

Maps are available in the City Clerk’s Office, or you can view a smaller version online on the Building and Zoning page of our website.

Where do I get a LHP sticker for my car?

The Police Department issues LHP vehicle stickers.

Where do I get a permit for a garage sale?

The Police Department issues garage sale permits.

Where do I get a bus schedule?

Bus schedules are available online, in the City Clerk’s Office, at the Lighthouse Point Library, or you can view a copy of the City of Lighthouse Point “Tender” bus here.

How do I receive information on current and past bids, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or Requests for Qualifications(RFQs)?

All information can be received through DemandStar by visiting their website at, by going to the Bids page, or by calling the City Clerk’s office at 954-943-6500.

How do I volunteer to serve on a City Board or Committee?

Information about volunteering to serve is available on the City Clerk’s Office page.