Fire Rescue – FAQ

When should I call 911?

911 is for emergencies; situations that are perceived to be threats to property, injury, or life-threatening to people.  For all other non-emergency situations, contact the Lighthouse Point Fire Rescue at 954-941-2624.

Remember, when in doubt – Call 911.

When reporting a FIRE the following questions will be asked.

1 – Where is the location of the fire?
2 – What type of fire is it? (Example: structure, brush, vehicle, dumpster or trash)
3 – Is anyone in danger? If structure or vehicle is it occupied?
4 – What is the extent of the fire? (Example: odor, smoke, or flames showing)
5 – Give the 911 operator any information that is important about the fire.

When reporting a MEDICAL EMERGENCY the following questions will be asked.

1 – What is the location of the sick or injured person?
2 – What is the nature of the injury or illness?
3 – Does the patient have any known history or on any medications?
4 – Give the 911 operator any additional information you may have on the patient.

When reporting a VEHICLE ACCIDENT the following questions will be asked.

1 – What is the location of the accident?
2 – Are there any injuries?
3 – How many vehicles are involved in the accident?
4 – You will be asked for a brief description of the vehicles.
5 – Are there any hazards resulting from the accident? (Example: gasoline leak, wires down or chemical spill)
6 – Are you a witness to the accident? If so, remain on the scene until police and fire units arrive.
7 – Give the 911 operator any additional information important to the call.

Does it cost me anything when I call 911 and Fire/Rescue helps me?

Police/Fire/Rescue is generally a free service to you when you call 911, funded by taxes. When 911 is called for emergency medical calls, our EMS crews respond and help determine if the patient needs to be transported to the hospital emergency room. If transported, there is a charge billed to you or your insurance company for payment. It is important to know that transports to the hospital that are not medically necessary may not be reimbursed by your insurance company and will still need to be paid. Paramedics are able to offer transport alternatives for non-emergency transports.

Why does the fire engine go to medical calls?

Most medical calls require at least four team members to take care of a sick or injured person. Our rescue units carry two paramedics and our fire engines have at least two more fire/EMS personnel on the vehicle. Depending on the illness or injury severity, more team members may be requested, or canceled. Plus, when we respond to your call, if all of us are not needed we are available to respond to an additional incident if the need arises from your residence.

Why does the fire engine go to auto accidents?

The paramedics on the rescue unit will assist injured persons while the firefighters on the fire engine will look for any hazards, such as fuel leaks, disconnect batteries and disable airbags. The firefighters may be needed to remove the doors or roof of the car to remove the injured person. Plus, they will assist with the treatment of injured persons, if needed. The fire trucks carry various equipment/tools that may be needed on scene of an accident.

How do I get at copy of the fire or EMS report?

Only the patient or victim of an incident can obtain a report from the Fire Rescue Department. The administration office is located at 3740 NE 22nd Avenue. A photo ID must be presented. Please call ahead 954-941-2624 for additional information and instructions.

What does it mean when my smoke detector chirps every 30 to 45 seconds?

This usually indicates that the battery is low and needs to be replaced. The smoke detector may also need to be replace, as detectors normally have a 10 year life span. It is always best to replace your battery when the clocks change for Daylight Savings time in the Spring and Fall of each year. If you have any questions, or if you need assistance with your smoke detector, contact the Fire Department at 954-941-2624.

Where can I learn first aid or CPR?

The Lighthouse Point Fire Rescue Department holds CPR and First Aid classes. A nominal fee is charged to cover the costs of materials. Contact the Fire Rescue Department at 954-941-2624 to request information.

Is it possible to tour the fire station?

Absolutely! We love to have visitors. It is best to schedule in advance so we can have some souvenirs ready for the children. Contact the Fire Rescue Department, Administrative Secretary, at 954-941-2624 to request more information.

What is the fire insurance rating in Lighthouse Point?

Our ISO rating is a three (3).

Can I burn my trash or yard waste in Lighthouse Point?

By direction of the City Commission, all open burning within the city limits of Lighthouse Point is prohibited. Fires for cooking are permitted. Ceremonial fires are occasionally permitted with request to the Fire Rescue Department. Contact the Fire Rescue Department at 954-941-2624 to request more information.

How can I make sure that my car seat is properly installed?

Several members of the Lighthouse Point Fire Rescue Department have been trained to assist residents with installation of car seats. It is important to remember that there are as many types of car seats as there are cars and only by reading the instruction manual for the specific car seat will you be able to install it properly. Contact the Fire Rescue Department at 954-941-2624 to set up an appointment. Please bring the car seat, child, and instruction manual at appointment time.

Where can I get my fire extinguisher refilled?

Some personal fire extinguishers cannot be recharged and must be thrown out after use or the expiration date is passed. Do not discard your used extinguisher in your curbside garbage. And it cannot be disposed of at the Household Hazardous Waste collection site in Broward County. Check your local yellow pages for a listing of fire extinguisher/equipment companies to find a disposal site. For extinguishers that can be recharged, you need to contact a commercial fire extinguisher company for advice. We do not fill fire extinguishers.

Why is it important to display my house address properly at my residence?

When Police/Fire Rescue respond to your residence or business, they need the number. You should have 2″ numbers on a visible place on the front of your residence. Make sure trees and shrubs are trimmed so that the numbers are visible. This is also a City of Lighthouse Point City code.

Can I get my blood pressure taken at the fire station?

Yes, simply stop by the fire station from 8:00 am – 8:00 p.m. You may want to call first to be sure we are not out of the station. Blood pressure machines at local stores are not always accurate.

What is the designated hurricane or evacuation shelter for Lighthouse Point?

The Broward County Emergency Management Department, on an as-needed basis, opens shelters. In the event of an emergency, local radio and television broadcasts will advise the public of what shelters have been opened. The current designed shelter sites for residents from Lighthouse Point are Lyons Creek Middle School in Coconut Creek, and Coral Glades High School in Coral Springs. During hurricane season check the City’s website section on Hurricanes for shelter address and additional disaster information.

Where can I get assistance since I am disabled and have no way to evacuate my residence in the event of a hurricane or other disaster?

I am disabled and have no way to evacuate my residence in the event of a hurricane or other disaster? For someone who is disabled, handicapped, and/or requires assistance with daily living activities there is a way to register for a Special Needs shelter. Contact the Broward County Elderly and Veterans Services office at 954-537-2888 for information/application for the special needs registry. This allows the agency to contact you to make arrangements so that an evacuation can be done in a timely and effective manner. You must be on their list prior to a hurricane.