Lobbyist Registration

Pursuant to Broward County Ordinance 2011-19, effective January 2, 2012, Lobbyists, and any of their principals or employers attending such meeting, are required to complete a Contact Log contemporaneously with the meeting.

City of Lighthouse Point Ordinance 2011-0897, requires Lobbyists to register with the City PRIOR to engaging in lobbyist activities within the City.

Lobbying is defined as a communication, by any means, from a lobbyist to a covered individual regarding any item that will foreseeably be decided by a final decision-making authority, which communication seeks to influence, convince, or persuade the covered individual to support or oppose the item.

The Lobbyist Contact Log is completed only when a lobbyist has contact with an elected official. This form is to be completed AFTER the lobbyist has registered and paid the $100.00 registration fee.

Lobbyist Registration fees shall expire each calendar year on December 31st, regardless of the original filing date. Update fees are determined according to the specific purpose and subject matter of meeting submitted on the Registration Statement.

A Lobbyist volunteering without any compensation is NOT required to pay a registration fee, provided that he/she files an affidavit confirming his/her volunteer status.

Lobbyist Registration Form