Are you OK Program

This Lighthouse Point Police Department Program is designed to check up on residents who may be elderly, ill, or alone. They are called daily to be sure they are “OK.” The calls are computer generated and if after 3 calls made at 10 minute intervals no answer is received, an alert is printed and an officer is dispatched to the home to make personal contact. If you or anyone you know is in need of this service, please call the Lighthouse Point Police Department at 954-942-8080.

Senior Citizen Outreach Program

The City has a Senior Citizen Outreach Program to assist seniors who may be in need of assistance and may not be aware of where to obtain the assistance needed, or to seek out elderly residents in need of help who are too isolated or afraid to ask for assistance. Individually and confidentially, we assist them in getting help from the myriad of agencies available and continue to follow-up with each one.

If you know a senior citizen who needs assistance, contact Officer Richard Vurchio at the Police Department at 954-942-8080.